Fluitec is a world leader in the development of technologies for extending lubricant life. For more than 25 years, Fluitec has completed more than 2,500 lube oil refining projects around the world. numbers in fire resistant fluids based on phosphoric acid esters, reduction of spark discharges in filters and other solutions to extend oil life.

Stepankov Ivan

Head of Lube oil treatment department

TEL M.: +7 (929) 047-30-31
TEL: +7 (831) 42-333-49
E-mail: i.stepankov@stechnics.ru

DECON AO additive system

DECON AO is a complex of amine and phenolic antioxidants designed for lubricating oil and is designed to balance the additive system. Specially selected additive components are mixed into a concentrate with a viscosity similar to the used lubricating oil, which allows DECON AO to be mixed on site without special equipment. Purpose:
  • replenishment of reserves of antioxidants in lubricating oil,
  • longer service life of the lubricating oil,
  • reducing the potential for varnish formation.

DECON Fluid Enhancement solution

DECON is a blend of API Group 5 synthetic components (American Petroleum Institute classification), which increase the solubility of the lubricant in order to reduce the level of varnish deposits and prevent their further appearance in the equipment lubrication system. It is added to the lubricating oil in a proportion of 3-7% of the volume of the lubrication system, depending on the MPC level. Purpose:
  • cleaning of deposits before changing the oil,
  • reduction of bearing temperature rise and vibration,
  • reduction of the high level of MPC (potential of varnish deposits),
  • increasing the solubility of the oil to increase the life of the oil.
Guaranteed to be compatible with mineral turbine oils and does not affect the properties and chemistry of the lubricating oil.

Endure IX acid number decreaser

Endure IX ™ is a block filter with patented technology that removes all forms of degradation products of phosphoric acid esters. In addition to all types of acids, the absorption medium removes phenolic alcohols, which are responsible for varnish formation in electro-hydraulic control systems. in VITA units instead of the ESP unit.

Spark Free Filters

Most standard equipment filtration system filters are nylon-based. The flow of lubricating oil through these filters generates electrostatic discharges that destroy the filter material, produce oil degradation products (varnish) and deplete the additive package in the lubricating oil Spark FreeTM technology reduces sparks that reach over 10,000°C. This reduces potential damage caused by electrostatic discharge, such as damage to filter elements, as well as extends oil life by reducing the rate of degradation from electrostatic discharges.

Vita ESP™ Systems

The VITA ESP unit is connected to the lubrication system of a gas turbine, steam turbine or compressor or other equipment and, online, cleans the lubricating oil from varnish deposits using Fluitec's patented electrophysical separation process (ESP) technology. ESP selectively removes oil decomposition products, which are dissolved or suspended, without disturbing the fluid additive system.As oil decomposition by-products (depleted antioxidants and oxidized base oil) come into contact with the ESP environment, the particular mixture chemically acts and removes contaminants behind due to strong adsorption forces.This ensures that varnish deposits do not fall back into the oil.ESP has a high performance because it uses the entire volume of the carrier, not just the surface area.More than 700 pieces of equipment around the world work with VITA units.

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