CCJENSEN – a world leader in oil service with over 60 years of experience – develops and manufactures CJC ® Offline Oil Filtration solutions for removing particles, water, acidity and oil degradation products (varnish) from hydraulic oils, lubricating oils, gear oils , diesel fuel, etc. CJC ® filter cartridges are made from 100% natural cellulose fibers and environmentally friendly resources: no metal, plastic or chemicals CCJENSEN’s core business is to maintain the latest know-how in oil filtration and oil contamination sources characteristic of a wide range of applications in the energy sectors (conventional and renewable), offshore and offshore projects, industry, mining.

Stepankov Ivan

Head of Lube oil treatment department

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CJC HDU filtration system for fire-resistant hydraulic oil

CJC® HDU reduces acidity, removes sludge, particles and moisture from HFD fluids (phosphate ester), transformer oils (insulating oils) and crankcase oils (gas engines). When oils / fluids decompose, they form acidic compounds, especially liquids based on esters that have access to moisture Acidity (TAN) can rise to dangerous levels causing acid corrosion and pickling / pitting. Advantages:
  • Reduced risk of unplanned downtime, such as turbine outages.
  • Increased oil / fluid life by lowering TAN and increasing resistivity.
  • Increased service life of machine components.
Available in 2 versions: HDU 15 / 25-25: Suitable for systems with fluid volumes up to 600 L (160 gallons) HDU 27 / 108-108: Suitable for systems with fluid volumes up to 4000 l (1000 gallons)

CJC VRU filtration system for gas turbine and steam turbine lube oil

CJC ® Varnish Remover, VRU, designed to be extremely effective in removing soluble varnish from oil. VRU can be used to:
  • Gas or steam turbines with combined or separate lubrication and control oil system.
  • Basic or peak gas or steam turbines operating at low, medium or high oil temperatures.
  • Compressors for gas turbines.
  • Lubricating oil or hydraulic oil systems subjected to high loads and operating in a hot state.

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