In addition to replacing the component with a new one, it is sometimes more expedient to carry out its overhaul and refurbishment. S-Technics specialists will perform this type of work at an organization certified for the corresponding type of activity, depending on the type of equipment and the complexity of the repair. Just name the type of equipment you want to repair and as soon as possible we will name the preliminary terms and cost of repair. For more detailed information, you will need data on the year of manufacture of the equipment, serial number and number of operating hours, as well as information on previous repairs. Sometimes, to draw up a preliminary fault finding sheet, a specialist visit to the site is required for an expert assessment of maintainability and repair conditions. This service is also provided by our company. Despite the high staging and complexity of the process of repairing equipment, especially those located abroad, the service of advanced delivery of a repair product is sometimes not inferior in terms of execution time than the delivery of a new product. Contact us by clicking on the button below, using the contacts indicated on the website, or by filling out the feedback form to clarify the details of the repair of your equipment.

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