ENI turbine oils meets the lubrication needs of all types of gas, steam and hydraulic turbines as well as combined cycle plants. Turbine oil should lubricate shaft bearings, dissipate heat, operate control valve servos and lubricate gearboxes, if any. Partnerships with equipment manufacturers have allowed formulations to be improved over the years, guaranteeing a higher level of performance for ENI turbine oils.

Stepankov Ivan

Head of Power Industry department

TEL M.: +7 (929) 047-30-31
TEL: +7 (831) 42-333-49
E-mail: i.stepankov@stechnics.ru

ENI Turbo 23699

Eni Turbo 23699 is a high performance lubricant for industrial aircraft gas turbine engines requiring MIL-PRF-23699-STD performance. It is formulated with synthetic base oils and additives to provide excellent thermal and oxidation stability as well as high antiwear properties. Eni Turbo 23699 is suitable for the lubrication of industrial gas turbines based on aircraft engines from the following manufacturers: Siemens, Allison, Avco-Lycoming, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Turbo Power & Marine Rolls Royce.

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