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«S-Technics» is an expert in the provision and selection of lubricants, as well as in the supply of aviation components for the needs of aircraft operators. We are operates in four strategic areas – aviation, energy, industry and lube oil treatment. Our main goal is to provide our partners with the best service in the supply of lubricating oil. Our main competencies are 100% expert performance of the task when supplying goods or when selecting them.



We work with the best Suppliers – leaders in their fields. Our proposals are the best global solutions in the field of supply and service, confirmed by multiple references.

Technical knowledge

We provide expert technical knowledge that allows us to quickly and efficiently solve the problems of our customers.


We provide our Customers with services to monitor the condition of the equipment, increase its service life and obtain the maximum economic effect.


Happy New Year 2022

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR! With appreciation for your business and with warmest wishes ...

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Financing of Innovations

In October 2021, the company’s management decided to invest in the holding company, Kleverkopter, which ...

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Effective ways to flush the turbine lubrication system

Greg Livingston, FluitecFebruary, 2014 Introduction An effective technique for flushing deposits out of turbine oil ...

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