The supply of lubricants and consumables has always been the province of companies in the petrochemical sector. S-Technics has combined the traditions of petrochemical companies and MRO service providers for the best service to maintain the airworthiness of aircraft. The supplied lubricants are original materials produced in accordance with GOST, OST or TU and recommended by aircraft manufacturers. Lubricants are supplied exclusively in the manufacturer’s container to avoid the ingress of foreign particles during unloading. The company’s specialists will select for you the recommended lubricants for your type of machinery and equipment, as well as advise on the available analogues. You can get comprehensive information about the supplied products by calling on the website or by contacting us by emai.

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Kashkan Artur

Head of the Aviation business unit

TEL M.: +7 (960) 198-36-06
TEL: +7 (831) 42-333-49