At the enterprises of the energy sector, there has been an increase in contamination of oil systems, especially turbines and compressors, which arise from the products of aging of oils. This contamination results in gelatinous, varnish or sludge-like deposits. These deposits can significantly shorten the life of bearings and gearboxes as well as disrupt control behavior due to seized hydraulic control valves, reducing system reliability and significantly increasing costs. As a result, problems arise that can be solved through systematic oil analysis and special oil purification processes during operation.

We offer modern and most effective solutions for cleaning (conditioning) lubricating oil from its decomposition products and other types of contamination in order to extend the life of the lubricant and increase the reliability of the equipment. The oil refining technologies we offer are approved and widely used by major equipment manufacturers such as Siemens, Solar Turbines, Alstom, General Electric, Atlas Copco and others.

Stepankov Ivan

Head of Lube oil treatment department

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