The company has incorporated experts with colossal experience in various areas of logistics of aviation components, thereby combining different in essence, but similar in purpose, areas of work:

We speak Russian, English and Spanish, work in different time zones and are always ready to answer customer questions anywhere in the world.

Over the decades of work in the field of supply of lubricants and aircraft components for aviation equipment, the company’s specialists have developed significant contacts with manufacturers, which allows you to quickly receive high-quality service from manufacturers for the supply and repair of components, as well as receive comprehensive answers to all questions of interest to the client.

Our goal is the maximum comfort of the operator or aircraft repair organization abroad at the stage of component logistics due to the trust of this responsible sector of work to real professionals.

The company’s catalogs contain more than two thousand aviation parts, components and consumables, information on which you can always get as soon as possible by contacting us by phone, email or by filling out the feedback form on the website.

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Gusev Sergey

General manager

TEL M.: +7 (930) 706-67-32
TEL: +7 (831) 42-333-49