Cepsa’s fire resistant hydraulic fluids are used in the energy, metallurgy, automotive and many other industries. In the power industry, hydraulic fluids based on synthetic esters of phosphoric acid are used in steam turbine electro-hydraulic control systems. These fluids do not support combustion and this helps to reduce the risk of fires as a result of leakage of working fluid from the oil system circuits to high-temperature steam pipelines in case of an emergency. Equally important is the fact that phosphate ester-based hydraulic fluids have a longer service life and high stability against high-temperature oxidation compared to mineral oils.

Stepankov Ivan

Head of Power Industry department

TEL M.: +7 (929) 047-30-31
TEL: +7 (831) 42-333-49
E-mail: i.stepankov@stechnics.ru

Cepsa Fundicol Sintetico EHC

Fire resistant phosphoric acid ester hydraulic fluid. Recommended for electro-hydraulic control systems of steam turbines, gas and combined cycles, including those with servo valves.
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