Q8 hydraulic oils produced by have excellent temperature characteristics, allowing them to be freely used in a wide range of operating temperatures. An important advantage of these products are also demulsifying characteristics and anti-wear properties that protect hydraulic system components from premature wear.

Kashkan Artur

Head of Industry department

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E-mail: kashkan.artur@s-technn.ru

Q8 Holst 46

The zinc-free Q8 Holst 46 is a perfect fit for a wide range of operational applications and for industrial equipment. The Q8 Holst 46 has an advanced filterability and demulsibility what makes it reliable for sensitive hydraulic servo systems. Thanks to its thermal and oxidation stability, this oil guarantees a long lubricant life time.
Specifications and Approvals:
Arburg HLP VG 46 (ZAF), DIN 51524-2 HLP, Bosch Rexroth RE 90221 notes, ISO 11158 HM, Siemens
Viscosity grade:

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