The specialists of the S-Technics company have colossal experience in the supply of original spare parts for various aviation equipment in 35 countries of the world. Over the decades of work, strong business and friendly relations have been established with manufacturers of original components of aviation equipment, which allows us to receive the necessary components with high quality and in the shortest possible time, as well as any operational information regarding the availability, delivery times, product performance, interchangeability, etc. The spare parts and components supplied by us are exclusively original, produced by certified manufacturers. The same spare parts go to helicopter factories to make new machines. Any spare part supplied by S-Technics undergoes mandatory incoming quality control and verification for originality. Contact us on questions of interest by clicking on the button below, or using the contacts indicated on the website.

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Gusev Sergey

General manager

TEL M.: +7 (930) 706-67-32
TEL: +7 (831) 42-333-49